Fayetteville Uncorked – FAQ
Q: What is Fayetteville Uncorked- “A toast to our troops”?
A: This is an annual charity social event hosted by the Fayetteville Wine Society (FWS) focusing on charity organizations that support our military and their dependents. It will be held Saturday evening, May 21, 2016

Q: Where will the event be held?
A: The Cape Fear Botanical Garden.

Q: Who is the beneficiary of this charitable event?
A: The USO of North Carolina is the beneficiary. https://uso-nc.org/

Q: How much are the tickets?
A: Admission Tickets
VIP Admission: $125.00 [Limited to 100 Tickets]
General Admission:$ 75.00
Up Grades from General to VIP:$ 50.00 [Provided VIP Tickets are Available] 

Q: Does Fayetteville Uncorked have a website?
A: Yes, our website is addressed www.fayetteville-uncorked.com. You can also Google “Fayetteville- Uncorked”. Left – click on the result titled, “What-is-Fayetteville-Uncorked”. We also have a face book account addressed #fayettevilleuncorked. 

Q: Who is hosting Fayetteville - Uncorked “a toast to our troops”?
A: Fayetteville - Uncorked is hosted by The Fayetteville Wine Society (FWS), which is a volunteer organization (see below). The event is the result of dozens of community volunteers providing their time, talents and personal or financial contributions in order to successfully present a military charity event for the community; more specifically, our beneficiary, The USO of North Carolina.

Q: What is The Fayetteville Wine Society (FWS)?
A: The Fayetteville Wine Society is a non-profit members only group. The organization is dedicated to promoting the appreciation of wine through education. It was established in 2007 by a group of wine aficionados from the Fayetteville area who were involved in the wine business and wanted a vehicle to help educate local consumers. The original founders were Kristine Miller (Hilltop House Restaurant), Nick Parrous (Luigi’s Italian Restaurant), Teresa Swint (Grapes and Hops), and Matthew Fink (The Country Vintner).  

Q: Is the FWS earning or making any money from this event?
A: No, the The Fayetteville Wine Society does not take any money from this event. The Fayetteville Wine Society is a registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. The FWS’s purpose with respect to this event is to identify the charitable organizations (military associated) that become the beneficiaries. 

Q: Who are the founding members of Fayetteville Uncorked- “A toast to our troops!”?
A: The original founders of the Fayetteville Wine Society. They conducted charitable wine tasting events in 2009 and 2010. They were successful events. Fayetteville Uncorked- “A toast to our troops!” is basically the new name for this annual event.  

FWS held their 1st charity event in 2009, named “The Fayetteville Wine Society’s Spring Gala & Charity Wine Tasting”. The venue was hosted at Fox Hollow located in Fayetteville, NC. Visit their web site @ http://foxhollowdesign.net. The event beneficiary was “Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund”. Please visit their website: http://cfsrf.org  

FWS held their 2nd charity event in 2010, named “The Gathering in the Garden”. The venue was once again hosted at Fox Hollow located in Fayetteville, NC. The event beneficiary was “The United Service Organization for North Carolina” (USO). Please visit their website: http://uso-nc.org.  

Q: Why were there no events in 2011-2013?
A: The events took a couple of years in hiatus, due to the relocation of two of the Fayetteville Wine Society’s founding members. Being a volunteer organization, the resources for putting on an event of this magnitude were too great. But each year, community interest to bring the event back kept rising and in 2013, with the infusion of many motivated volunteers, the event was set to take place again. This time the event would have a permanent name, Fayetteville Uncorked- “A toast to our troops!”.

Q: What is the dress code for this event?
A: We have not set any specific dress code; however, the minimum will be casual dress (no tie is required). Based on the time of year, men might want to consider wearing a dinner jacket (no tie is required). We do expect that some will dress in semi formal attire and a few may dress in formals.  

Q: Is smoking allowed at the event?
A: Smoking will be permitted in designated smoking areas. A Cigar Tent will also be available for smokers. We ask that you please put your cigarette in the receptacles that are provided. 

Q: Where can I park my car?
A: Parking will be available on site at the Cape Fear Botanical Garden. 

 •We ask that you secure all of your personal belongings in your car.
We ask that you have a great time but please drink responsibly
Please - Do not drink and drive
Designated Driver, INC will be available to all guests, if necessary. 
Please visit their website: http://designateddriverinc.com 

Q: Does Fayetteville Uncorked have a face book account?
A: Yes you can read or post you and your friends comments on our face book page. Please visit our page @ website @ www.fayetteville-uncorked.com and select the face book link. 

Q: What is featured at Fayetteville Uncorked?
A: Main Attractions
This is going to be a spectacular community event in order to introduce some of the finest wines and beers sold and/or distributed here locally within the Greater Area of Fayetteville. 
This venue will also showcase many hors d’ ourves, fruits and foods provided by many of our local independent restaurants and business owners who have supported or sponsored this event. 
A live musical performance will feature The USO Show Troupe. They are an internationally recognized group of Broadway trained performers that will entertain us with show tunes, popular music, military and patriotic tunes that have won them acclaim with audiences world-wide.
Wayne Anstead will present a gentlemen’s cigar lounge providing an opportunity for both interested men and women to pair great cigars with great wines.
A company named “Designated Driver” will be available to drive both guest and their car to their respective home in the event they request or require the service.
Security will be available on site by the Fayetteville Police Department.

Q: What time does the event begin and end?
A: Event Hours
5:00 pm – Doors open for VIP Admission
6:00 pm – Doors open for General Admission
10:00 pm – Last Pour / Last Call for the Evening
10:30 pm – Doors Close

Q: Can I upgrade a general admission ticket to a VIP ticket?
A: Admission Tickets
$125 – VIP Tickets
VIP Tickets – Are limited to the first 100 purchased
$75.00 - General Admission Tickets
$50.00 – Upgrade 
General Admissions can be upgraded if VIP tickets are available 

Q: Do I have to be 21 to purchase a ticket?
A: Yes, all guests will be required to show proof of ID when asked.

Q: Do I have to be 21 to attend?
A: Yes, all guests will be required to show proof of ID when asked.

Q: Do I need to show my ID?
A: Yes, all guests will be required to show proof of ID when asked.

Q: Where can I buy tickets?
A: Tickets can be purchased on line or at select local restaurants and businesses. 

Purchase Tickets On line @ www.fayetteville-uncorked.com

Q: Is there going to be any food at this event?
A: This venue will provide many hors d’ ourves, finger foods, fruits, and pastries provided by many of our local independent restaurants and pastry shops, show casing their culinary specialties.  

Q: Can anyone be a sponsor?
A: Please visit our website @ http://uncorked-fayetteville.com or visit one of select independent restaurants and/ or businesses located here in the community. Print out a hard copy of the sponsorship packet and fill out accordingly. Make checks payable to The Fayetteville Wine Society and mail your sponsorship letter w/ check to P.O. Box 87107, Fayetteville, NC 28304. Otherwise drop it off at one of these local restaurants. 
Fayetteville’s Valley Auto BMW / VW [Ask for Angie Lindsey - Simmons]
Luigi’s Italian Restaurant[Ask for Nick Parrous]
The Wine Café[Ask for Angie Malave]
Grapes & Hops[Ask for Teresa Swint]

Q: What is the drop dead date to send sponsorship packets for the event?
A: There is no drop dead date for receiving sponsorship packets or contributions.
However, the drop dead date for printing all materials is April 15, 2016. Therefore, if want to ensure your logo is on the appropriate materials – please respond quickly.  

Q: What is the drop dead date to pay sponsorship commitments?
A: We would prefer if all sponsorship packets were paid directly. The drop dead date to receive payments is September 1, 2016.